Our Rebrand

Hey it’s Kevin here. You might have noticed we’ve had a bit of a makeover!

I started Hectares because I wanted to create something I could be proud of and give people the chance to enjoy simple, delicious snacks. I felt existing snack brands were being lazy and producing the same old products.

At Hectares we’ve always sourced the best natural ingredients from the finest hectares of land. We believe that’s what makes our products better than others. We felt it was important to convey this on the packs.

Our new packaging features a topography-inspired design, reflecting the wonderful locations where we source our high quality raw ingredients. 

The tractor, which was a popular fixture on our old packaging, still exists, just in smaller form (you’ll need to look closely).

We’ve also made some changes to our flavours based on all the feedback we have received from our loyal customers and followers over the last couple of years. We hope you like them!

Having worked on these changes over the last 6 months it is great to finally tell everyone! I’m terrible at keeping secrets so I think I’ve done well to keep this under wraps.

We’re working on lots of other exciting projects for 2016 so please keep in touch for updates on these and any other news we have!

All the best,