Why We Should All Eat More Sweet Potato

If you haven’t already heard it from us, then you’ve undoubtedly heard it somewhere else: sweet potatoes are pretty darn great! But what exactly about sweet potatoes makes them both delicious and healthy? Look no further! Below are just a few reasons why we should all be eating more sweet potato.

1. Sweet potatoes are packed with beta-carotene, which our bodies convert to Vitamin A when we digest. Vitamin A is known to maintain healthy skin, protect our immune system and promote eye health.

2. Beta-carotene also contains loads of antioxidants, which have been shown to help maintain a healthy immune system, protect against free radicals and decrease risk of developing certain cancers and other chronic illnesses.

3. Compared to white potatoes, sweet potatoes contain buckets of dietary fibre, particularly in its skin. Fibre helps digestive health and slows digestion, making us feel fuller longer and helping manage weight.

4. A baked, medium-sized, skin-on sweet potato contains up to 52% of our daily dose of vitamin C, which can help improve skin and hair health as well as supporting our immune system.

5. Dark-skinned sweet potatoes with bright orange flesh are more nutrient-rich than paler sweet potatoes and are, therefore, much better for you. Next time buy sweet potatoes, make sure to pick up bright orange ones where possible. The brighter, the better!


The list really could go on forever!  Sweet potatoes are jam-packed with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that promote overall wellbeing as well as being astoundingly delicious, versatile and easy to cook. You now have no excuse not to include them as a staple component of your diet from now on!

Our favourite way to prepare sweet potato, as well as being a super quick and easy recipe, is to scrub and slice them into chips, drizzle the slice with oil and sprinkled them with paprika, salt and pepper. Spread them evenly on a baking tray and cook at 200/180 fan for 45 mins, flipping every 15 minutes or so for evenly cooked chips. They're a tasty alternative to your traditional white potato chips and they're way better for you!

 We love sweet potato fries as a side to a hearty meal, such as salmon, roasted veg & guacamole. 

We love sweet potato fries as a side to a hearty meal, such as salmon, roasted veg & guacamole. 

If you are looking for more sweet potato recipes, FEAR NOT, as we will regularly post delicious, easy and healthy recipes to ensure you get the most out of this wonderful vegetable. Don’t tell us we aren’t good to you!

That’s all from us today. We hope this post has inspired you to embrace the delicious sweet potato and to add more of it to your diet.

What’s your favourite sweet potato recipe? Feel free to share and help us introduce the world to a whole new measure of taste!

Go forth and eat!





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