5 Top Tips for a Tip-Top Picnic

I can’t quite believe it: June is right around the corner! With that in mind, it’s high time we all make the most of the warmer weather and longer days (Summer Solstice is 20th June!) and go for a picnic. Picnics are a great summertime activity because there are few things better than relaxing outside with good food, sunshine and friends. Below is a list of 5 hacks to ensure you bring your A-game to your next picnic.

Hectares Picnic

1. The Right Equipment

First things first: no picnic would be complete without a picnic blanket or a giant inflatable seat!

...Ok, maybe the latter is non-essential, but if you're planning an all-day picnic, you will definitely need something comfortable to sit on. 

If you are bringing chilled food and drink, consider an insulated cool bag (this picnic basket even comes with cutlery and dishes). You may also need cutlery, a bottle opener and plastics plates and cups

2. Where To Go

Find your nearest park, invite your friends and have a fabulous weekend! Be sure to check in advance whether your park of choice allows, picnics alcohol, ball games and animals.

3. What to Eat

When it comes to picnic-friendly food, ideally you want things that are quick to prepare and easy to eat with as little mess as possible. We have found some fabulous ideas on our Pinterest picnic board such as mason jar salads, pinwheel pizzas and other delicious finger food!

4. What to Drink

Don’t forget to stay hydrated! We have been loving a good water infusion at Hectares' HQ recently, and you really can't beat a smoothie on a hot summer's day (or a cold glass of Pimm's if you feel so inclined). We have curated a variety of fabulous beverages suitable for all ages on our Pinterest Picnic Board, so be sure to check that out!

One last thing: don’t forget cooler blocks to keep your drinks cold.

5. What to Do

In addition to eating and drinking, picnic entertainment is an absolute must. Bring reading material along with you, or a park-friendly game such as football, boulesnostalgic velcro ball catch, or soft tennis. I also like to bring a wireless speaker to provide a soundtrack to my picnics.


Congratulations! You're now equipped with the knowledge to have an awesome summer picnic. Here's hoping the weather delivers this bank holiday weekend...

Have a goodun! Till next time,


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