Hand-cooked sweet potato crisps,
with chorizo & sun-dried tomato

Hand-cooked sweet potato crisps,
with a light sprinkling of sea salt

Hand-cooked sweet potato crisps,
with red onion & black pepper


In early 2013 Kevin was busy. Head buried in a spreadsheet at his desk in sunny Glasgow. Sounds great, but Kevin had always wanted to start his own business, particularly his own snack business.

Later that year he stumbled on the idea of sweet potato crisps and started making them in his kitchen in the evenings after work. Following a number of trials, and many errors, he eventually perfected them and aged 27 packed in his job to launch Hectares.

We now source the very best sweet potatoes from North Carolina, USA. We bring them back to the UK where they are cooked and seasoned to make a naturally simple and delicious snack.

We also believe it’s important for businesses to do some good stuff with any money they make. Visit the Giving Back section of the site to find out more about what we’re doing.